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A film by Carina Ahlskog, 2024


"VART JAG MIG I VÄRLDEN VÄNDER” is a response to the racism that exists in our country and explores the strength and heritage hidden within the black body. In the film, 10-year-old Ester from Jakobstad (FIN) with roots from South Africa, enter into a dialogue with Godwin, a dancer from Kenya living in Esbo (FIN). It's a meeting where they reflect on each other's experiences. The film gives us access to a part of Ester's inner world.

The film had its premiere in April 2024 at After Eight in Jakobstad, FIN.


Manuscript & edit: Carina Ahlskog

Performance: Godwin Otieno Musuma and Ester Dimakatso Nilsson 

Choreography: Carina Ahlskog and Godwin Otieno Musuma

Camera: Jukka Rajala

Music: William Ahlskog

Assistant: Moa Cederberg

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