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Group exhibition TERRÄNG, Chicago, USA, 2024.


A performative artwork where I once again is playing with the sculptural with a body in motion. The title SPRING refers both to spring as a season and to the Swedish word "spring" meaning to run. SPRING is the first part of a two-part work, with the second part titled FALL, referencing both the autumn season and the act of falling. SPRING will be performed in springtime, and FALL in autumn. Through these pieces, I explore the cycle that occurs in nature, where something dies to give life to something else. A process, where we, as individuals, can discover a rhythm of life that allows us to grow together.


Artistic Director & Concept: Carina Ahlskog 

Dancers: Sierra Taylor, Sarah Morimoto, Kathryn Hetrick and Zachary Bird 

Music: William Ahlskog

Photo: Mikael Ahlskog 

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