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GA ME ME – a sculptural walk in the urban space

The public spaces of Kokkola, Jakobstad and Vaasa, 2023.

GA ME ME is an Ostrobothnian way of saying “Walk with me”. A performative work inspired by the fairy tale The Birch and the Star by Zacharias Topelius. In this piece, three dancers create sculptural marks in the urban space, and the viewer is invited along on their journey.

I have played with the idea of the body and its movement as a public artwork, i.e. sculptures and monuments placed in strategic places in our society. I have been looking for the sculptural with a body in motion and I have created a living sculpture consisting of three dancers. It is a triptych, where three dancers, a flutist and the audience are connected by a walk through the city. 

GA ME ME is an invitation to take a moment for reflection in the middle of the city noise.

Concept & Artistic Director: Carina Ahlskog

Dancers: Ailish Maher, Elias Berglund, Janne Aspvik

Flute: Jennie Kackur

Photo: Ken Kackur


This project was done in collaboration with the Regional Dance Center of Ostrobothnia 

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