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Carina Ahlskog

Visual artist & performance artist, Nykarleby, Finland.


Carina Ahlskog (b. 1973) graduated in 2015 from Novia University of Applied Sciences, Jakobstad, with a BA in Fine Arts and and in 2020 with a MA in Culture and Arts at the same university. She has a background both in modern dance and in physiotherapy, which means that in her artistic practice she is investigating the moving body and choreography in the context of contemporary art. Her main art expressions are performative art, video and sculpture.


Ahlskog's interest lies in how the moving body finds its place in the visual art context. A context that may not be best suited for dance, but which opens up for new exciting challenges. How can the body be handled as an object? How can an object be choreographing the body? By using the visual art context as a venue for choreography and dance she explores her surroundings, a search for new bodily movements where the meeting and the presence are central and the tension lies in the interaction that occurs. She is looking for a dialogue with her environment. Something she calls ”Embodied Spaces”. It is especially the everyday gestures that fascinates her. By using familiar element, minimizing and excluding other elements she want to give a different view of what it means to be human. 


Ahlskog has participated in various art projects both nationally and internationally. Her work has been shown in Finland, Sweden, Germany, Greece, Scotland, England and USA. In 2018 she made a public sculptural artwork for Purmo School in Pedersöre, Finland. Between 2013 - 2019, she was the curator for the arts and music festival, Humlefestival, in Nykarleby.

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