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MURMURATION – en dans med dig

Group exhibition, Shapes and spaces, Jakarte, Jakobstad. FIN. 2022.

Film release event, Aktia/Campus Allegro, Jakobstad, FIN. 2022.



Murmuration - en dans med dig, is a project where a group of seniors met in a dialogue to create a dance piece together. I wanted to highlight the older body and its movements to show that there is something beautiful in all stages of life. I got inspiration from a phenomenon called starling murmuration, the magical flight formations that flocks of birds can make, where each little bird is part of a larger whole. A whole that becomes a kind of living organism that dances across the sky. I made an interpretation of this phenomenon.

In this project 20 seniors participated and the 80-year-old Maire Paavola played the accordion.


MURMURATION –  en dans med dig, was performed live at the opening of the  group exhibition Shapes and Spaces, Jakarte, Jakobstad, FIN. The project also resulted in a video work which was shown at a film release event in Aktia/Campus Allegro, Jakobstad, FIN.

This project was done in collaboration with YH Novia, the institution for art and culture.

"My belief is that everyone can dance and create something beautiful based on their own movement patterns and possibilities." 


Photo: Ken Kackur, Carina Ahlskog

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