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Groupexhibition Starting from self at gallery Blackbox Genesis in Vaasa, FIN, 2020 & Online exhibition Finite Vastness, Cardboardium, 2020.


The body, the movement and the dress. A story of femininity. My story.


How to take off a dress without using your hands? A video where I am dealing with everyday movements and trying to find new ways to relate to them.


This work is a symbolic act about my femininity, where I am struggling with the dress. Repeating it over and over again. I meet the woman in me, and I am also confronting all the women in my life who have shaped me. Whose good qualities I carry with me, but also their weak and destructive qualities. How we adopt behaviour, generation after generation.


From the beginning the idea was a performative videoinstallation, but after the situation with COVID-19 I started to focus on how to preserve the physicality of the movement in a digital format. The result became the video I never wear dresses.

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