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Public artwork at the school in Purmo, Pedersöre, FIN, 2018.

An artwork consisting of seven three meters high birdhouses made of red pine.


“My vision with the artwork, BYN, is through familiar elements and with a childlike playfulness highlight issues that deals with multiculturalism, immigration and ecology. 


I feel anxious about the society that we are in the process of creating. Where diversity and multiculturalism are considered a threat rather than an enriching resource. Where the flag of nationalism is raised as a weapon against the foreigner and fear has become greater than humanity. I am worried about the attitudes that I hear against refugees. Racistic views that keeps on growing. If we want a change in attitudes, it’s among the children we need to start. We need to create opportunities for understanding and respect, where words like diversity, tolerance and openness are guidelines. 


The idea of this work is to show that we all can live together regardless of skin color, religion, gender, etc. I have therefore thematically based this work on the migratory birds and their way of life. I’m so grateful that these birds do not know of any national borders, so that we can enjoy them every spring. Hopefully, some birds will move into these birdhouses so that the artwork can have its own life and activity in the vicinity of the schoolchildren.


I wish that BYN will become a symbol of diversity. Something that can help us remember who we as humanity are supposed to be and thus help us create a more human world.”

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