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Elverket, Pro Artibus, Ekenäs, FIN, 2016 & FLUXX filmfestival, Jakobstad, FIN, 2016.


A video where I am dealing with the theme purification. During one month in September 2016, my father was at the intensive care at the Vaasa Central Hospital. All his vital organs were connected to different machines, which kept him alive. Day by day these machines was maintaining his life. I became fascinated by the blood dialysis and the cycle it did. Blood and urine circulated, a purification of my father’s body. Finally, I could not stop myself and I asked if I could film the dialysis.


I went out to the sea and made my own cycle with the sea. I let the sea take over me. I almost thought that I was going to drown. Shaken and touched, I sat at the beach and cried. 

For three days, I repeated the same procedure at the sea. 


This piece is a meeting between the blood and the sea, a meeting between my father and me. A work where the cleaning process took over the control of creativity.

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