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Campus Allegro, Jakobstad, FIN, 2012.

In summer 2012, I had a special meeting with an old woman at Berga, a nursing home in Stockholm, SWE. It was one of those moments when time stopped and presence was the only tangible. The meeting took place at a level, where external factors as age, gender, popularity, money, health, etc. didn't matter. I felt that I almost could touch the invisible. I was touched. I made a performance based on that experience. I was looking for a presence that sometimes can be found between the safe and unsafe.


Later I developed the performance into a videoinstallation, where the visitors had the opportunity to leave their mark on my performance clothes. Once again I wanted to highlight the touch and the tracks it leaves behind. The installation was shown at the Bergagallery, Stockholm, SWE, 2012.

Photo: Julia Lillqvist

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